FSFE Online Legal Education Day 2021

We all love the digital freedoms that Free Software grants to users and developers, but these freedoms rely on legal instruments and the legal system to be able to enforce them when others try to take them away from us. Nevertheless, we all know too well how it can be difficult to understand and comply with the legal frameworks involved that guarantee our continued enjoyment of these freedoms. But understanding and complying with Free Software legal and licensing obligations is important to keep you and your software project safe from legal threats, and to build a healthy Free Software environment based on openness and community.

With that in mind, the FSFE's online Legal Education Day (LED) is a day to learn about Free Software in the legal context. This event will feature talks and Q&A sessions on the basics of copyright law, licenses, and other legal topics that are important not only for developers to understand so that their software projects can reach their full potential, but also for the Free Software community in general.

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Date: 6 November 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 12:00 noon CET

Where: FSFE's online LED room

The programme of activities can be found on the FSFE's LED page.



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Code of Conduct

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